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Welcome To East Street Station!

East Street Station is an amazing place nestled in the tiny town of Goderich, Ontario.

The most peaceful feeling comes over you as soon as you walk through its doors… like it’s been waiting for you to arrive.

It is a wonderful portal to another world. A world where anything is possible… amazing health… true happiness.. fulfilling and intimate relationships… total peace of mind…

And you can journey here any way you’d like. You can take it solo.. with private consultations and personal practice.  Or you can travel with a group.. Group yoga, workshops, classes, etc.

You can even learn how to take what you discover out into the world… through our Teacher Training programs…

So come in.. sit down.. close your eyes.. and let’s imagine what’s really possible for you… where your journey is heading next.

Workshops & Retreats!

1536626_352317131577913_2129328551_nThe Brain Cleanse – June 16-20:

I’m thrilled to have my friend and teacher, Siddhi Ellinghoven here from California this June!!

She has developed a phenomenal program called “The Brain Cleanse” that helps us clear the blocks in our minds that stand in the way of what we truly want. Here is her website:

The Brain Cleanse uses a multi-faceted approach to cleanse and revitalize the brain, releasing old habits, patterns and beliefs that can keep us stuck and might lead to illness and depression.

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Sheri-Winston-cropped-smallerBecome an Erotic Virtuoso Weekend Workshop – June 27/28:

Learn to have better sex than you ever imagined to be possible! Join us for a two-day weekend intensive, and start down the path that will transform you into an erotic virtuoso. This workshop is for singles and partners, so whatever your relationship status, you are welcome!

The gathering will be fun, sexy and erotically enlightening. You’ll go home with special knowledge and skills that will ramp up your pleasure and help you become an extraordinary lover, both on your own and with others.

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spiritual sitting 400Tantra Weekend Workshop – For Individuals – July 31 – August 2:

Tantra is a path of living fully here on the earth… plus it’s about experiencing the amazing divine energy that is within us and all around us… Tantra brings these worlds together so that we can experience the divine in everything we do.

And it starts with each of us as individuals.

In this retreat, we will learn what living in a tantric way means… Releasing the constructs of society to feel free.. How to experience real intimacy and love.. Healing our inner worlds so that we can be peaceful and happy… Exploring connection and being fully present through breath, movement and energy.

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close-eye-contactTantra Weekend Workshop – For Couples – August 7-9:

Tantra is all about unity… We can feel fully whole as an individual… Fully united with spirit and body… But when we have a partner, then we have the opportunity to blend together… To feel that incredibly fusion of souls…

This is where the magic lies. This is where we feel the ecstasy of tantra…

How will we get there? It all starts with intimacy… it’s about creating a foundation of incredible trust, intimacy and love that we can play within.

It’s about learning how to be lovers regardless of whether we are casually dating, we are married with kids, or we’ve been married for 40 years.

It’s about igniting that passion and fire that puts a spring in our step… and then we get to bring those fires together and play and love and heal and nurture and feel so wonderful!!

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sleeping women wakeWomen’s Healing Retreat – August 21-23:

This weekend will be a personal exploration of where you are right now to where you would like to be. We will explore what the Sacred Feminine is, what is true feminine strength (not just being a man with boobs 😉 ).. We will gather as women.. as sisters.. We will laugh and dance and cry together. We will sing and love each other.

We will create a safe and loving place to do beautiful healing work with each other… Emotional healing, sexual healing, spiritual healing…

We will explore the wild and chaotic feminine.

We will feel the loving, all-encompassing mother feminine…

We will embrace Durga and Kali…

We will be women. We will heal.  We will embody the incredible goddesses within each of us!!

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Tantric Loving Vacation in Sicily! Oct 3-10Sicily 1

Please join Katrina Bos for an amazing couples tantric retreat/vacation in beautiful Sicily! It will be a combination of yoga in the morning, tantra classes during the day and exciting wine-tasting and cooking excursions during the week!!

It will be the ultimate getaway where you will return refreshed, happy, and more in love than ever before!!

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